Josip Lilic

Josip Lilić BNMT

021 065 8339



Cert. Relaxation Massage

Dip. Therapeutic Massage

Dip. Sports Massage 

Bachelor of Neuromuscular Therapy

       Membership Body 

   Registered member of

       MNZ,  RMT level 7


 Southern Cross Easy-claim               provider for 

      Remedial massage

       nib provider for

    Remedial massage


Josip holds a Bachelor in Neuromuscular Therapy, a Diploma in Massage & Sports Therapy and a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.

Josip uses a variety of specialised techniques to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries & movement dysfunctions including TMJ (jaw) therapy. He is also trained in lymphatic drainage, oncology massage  & offers kinesiotaping for swelling and postural correction and dry needling for pain management. 

His passion is in sports, currently, he is working with numerous elite teams including The NZ Breakers, visiting NRL, Super 15 & Netball teams along with top international teams & tennis players. Constantly exposed to the high-intensity needs of professional sport and working under pressure has given him unique skills that are incorporated into every individual session to provide a superior therapeutic experience.

Specialising in sports injuries and chronic pain, Josip uses his extensive knowledge to introduce a specific treatment plan tailored to each individual targeting those who suffer from a range of musculoskeletal & biomechanical dysfunctions.

Josip believes in a holistic approach to client care and views the mind, body, and spirit as a whole.



Pain management

Pain is very complex and is both physical and emotional, it has become the number one reason for an individual to seek a physician and in today’s society, we heavily rely on painkillers. If pain persists it interferes with the daily activities that we love doing. I have a natural solution to chronic pain and I am dedicated to helping you find the root cause to help manage your pain so you can get back to doing the things you love. Here are some common conditions I can help you with.

  • Neck pain                 

  • Headaches/migraines        

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain           

  • Sciatica                                  

  • Incorrect Posture

  • Back pain                   

  • Returning from injury       

  • Stiffness in muscles and joints

  • Anxiety / Depression 

  • Jaw pain


Relaxation & Stress management

In today’s modern fast-paced society it can be difficult to find time to rest and relax. Relaxation is an essential part of healthy living and being able to calmly deal with the stress placed on your body and mind. I have a few treatment options that have the ability to help you manage your stress, improve sleep, promote muscle relaxation, lower blood pressure and soothe away any anxiety or depression.


Performance massage

My vast experience working with some of the top sporting teams from New Zealand and overseas has helped me to develop skills that can assist you in achieving your sporting goals. Whether you are an elite athlete or an individual who would like to optimise your current training programme here is how I can assist you.

  • Preventing injuries/ training injury-free

  • Preparation for an event/ optimising performance

  • Improve mobility & flexibility

  • Aiding in recovery

    Polestar Pilates Instructor

    Massage tutor at 

   Wellpark College

 of Natural Therapies


Massage is a non-invasive and natural therapy, if you have any questions please contact Josip on 021 065 8339.